Leadership Development Progam

Apply now for the spring semester

The leadership development program at New City Church is designed to give you practical leadership discussion, hands on training and practical experience in a ministry context. We are looking for dedicated and passionate people to help serve on our team! We have Thursday morning group times, as well as responsibilities given to you in the specific department you will be spending your time in.

Our spring New City Church leadership development program will run from January 10th to April 25th of 2019.

Whether you are interested in vocationally ministry or simply want to gain leadership skills for the church and beyond, this program is for you. Below you can apply for our spring semester, find answers to a few common questions, and see our tentative spring schedule.


Who is the leadership development program for?

Anyone who is interested in leadership development and learning more about ministry. Whether you are interested in vocational ministry, or simply want to be a leader in the church while pursuing a normal job, this is a great next step to find out what these things might look like for you.

Is this development program paid?

The New City Church leadership development program is not a paid internship.

How long is the leadership development program?

Our leadership development program is four months long and will last from January 10th to April 25th 2019.

Is there a set schedule for the leadership development program?

Every other Thursday morning from 8 - 10 AM we will gather together at New City Church for a time of discussion, leadership development, and learning about different facets of ministry. You will also have certain responsibilities throughout the week to complete. What that looks like will vary depending on the department you are working in.

If you have any additional questions or want more information, email Brian Androsian at brianandrosian@newcityrdu.com.