5 Days of Prayer and Fasting

October 10 - 13

Once a quarter at New City Church we take part in 5 days of prayer and fasting. This simple rhythm allows us to refocus our hearts and minds on Christ and encourages us to lean on Him for our needs. Our next 5 days of prayer and fasting will take place on Monday, October 9 through Friday, October 13.

During this time, we encourage you to do a dietary fast, and here are a couple of ways you could do that:

  • A couple of 24-hour fasts during the week
  • Fasting from a meal or two a day
  • Fasting from a dietary group for the week
  • Any combination of the above

As you participate in the fast, here is what we encourage you to pray for. Of course, you can add anything else to this list.

  • For the opportunity to practically love someone like Jesus once a day this week
  • For strength in dealing with one area of sin, weakness, or struggle
  • For the salvation of one person in your life
  • For one personal need or desire you have
  • Expressing to the Lord one thing you are thankful for