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New City Kids Director

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At New City Church, our values drive our behaviors. While our salvation has nothing to do with what we do and all to do with what Christ has done, Jesus does call us to follow Him. Because of that, we want to take seriously what Jesus taught, and want to be a church that lives out His Gospel in word and deed. We operate by these five values as a church.

1. Jesus Changes Everything

We believe that Jesus changes everything. New City exists because of that reality. True life is only found in Christ, and we exist to help as many people as possible meet Jesus and grow in a relationship with Him.

2. You Can't Do Life Alone

This is our value of community. As followers of Christ, if we are not in any type of community with other Christians, the Scripture tells us repeatedly that we are not following Jesus the way we are commanded to. A community helps us live out the calling and truth of the Gospel and allows us to love and serve one another and our community.

3. Loved People Love People

This is our value of service. We serve one another not to get something from God, but in response to what God did for us through Jesus Christ. At New City Church, we value a desire to model after Jesus and put the needs of others before our own.

4. Grateful People Give

We value financial generosity, not because we care about money, but because we care about our hearts. In Matthew 6:23, Jesus says “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” His point is that our money guides our heart. Because of that, we want to be a generous people for the sake of the Gospel.

5. Moved People Multiply

This is our value of multiplication. The good news of the Gospel is good news for all. Because of that, we desire to live intentional lives where we love those around us and share the Gospel with others in word and deed.

Acts 29

New City Church is part of Acts 29, a diverse, global family of church-planting churches. For more information about Acts 29, check out acts29.com below

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