$5 Give Club

Watch the incredible stories of your generosity.

At New City Church, we invite our people to give an additional $5 once a month that will go towards a family, ministry, or non-profit in need in the Raleigh area. Each month we share the difference your generosity makes. Below you will find each edition of the $5 Give Club. To give to the give club, click here (all donations given through the previous link are automatically designated for the $5 Give Club).

$5 Give Club: Krishnan Family Foundation
$5 Give Club: Love Wins Community Engagement Center
$5 Give Club: Georgia Mae
$5 Give Club: Safe Space
$5 Give Club: Jim (Hurricane Florence Relief)
$5 Give Club: Mercy for America's Children
$5 Give Club: Fernando
$5 Give Club: The Flannery Family
$5 Give Club: Caring House
$5 Give Club: Called to Peace
$5 Give Club: Closely Held
$5 Give Club: Neighbor Bags
$5 Give Club: Thea
$5 Give Club: Lakeisha
$5 Give Club: Dean Thomas Moinet Foundation
$5 Give Club: Erika
$5 Give Club: Naylor Family